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“Reached maximum allowable domains” error, what to do?

If you are seeing “Reached maximum allowable domains” then it isn’t an issue with your license or purchase. All you need to do is follow the steps below –

  • First, deactivate the license on the site you are facing the issue.

Deactivate your license


  • Then Deactivate the “Share logins” plugin.

Deactivate your Share Logins Plugin

  • After this, you need to activate the plugin and license key.


Activate your license

  • If you are already login to Pluggable Dashboard you will be redirected here –

Plugins Purchase List

  • And if you are not already login after clicking the activate button you will be asked to sign in to the Pluggable dashboard, Use your email id and password that’s used to log in to the purchase account.

Login to your account

  • Click on “Activate now”.

Click on Activate Now

  • Clicking the “Active Now” button will take you to the Share Logins License page.

Congratulations! Your license for Share Logins has been activated successfully.

That’s it! The error message will not appear anymore. If the error message still appears on your site, feel free to contact us or raise a ticket here.

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